Proposed Amendments

After many decades of the government usurping power and stealing rights and freedoms,
whereupon the people are beset by a regulatory system too big to comprehend,
following are ten constitutional amendments to set the people free

  1. Re-establishing Freedom. Each Federal law shall expire after ten years, if the law regulates individuals or organizations in the private sector. Laws passed before this amendment shall expire ten years from the date of amendment. Laws can be reenacted only by separate votes for each law.
  2. Sixty Percent to Pass Laws. The fifty percent threshold to pass Federal laws in the Senate and House of Representatives shall be sixty percent.
  3. Deliberate Legislation. Each Federal or State bill enacted by a vote shall address only one subject, which shall be expressed in the title of the bill. Before any legislator votes “yes” on a bill, they shall read and understand it.
  4. Impartial Enforcement. When the history of enforcement of a law shows a pattern of inability to enforce, or unwillingness to enforce, or uneven enforcement, or politically biased enforcement, then the Court shall declare this law unconstitutional.
  5. Independent Judiciary. The Supreme Court shall comprise no more than nine Justices, whose term ends only by death, voluntary retirement, or impeachment.
  6. Freedom from Excessive Tort Law. In any case in tort, the jury has a right to rule in favor of the defendant if the jury believes this ruling to be just and reasonable, regardless of precedents of common law.
  7. Limiting US Engagement in Foreign Wars. If a treaty obligates the United States to enter a war, then that obligation persists only if the treaty is reenacted every ten years with concurrence of the President and two-thirds of the Senate.
  8. No Martial Law. The government shall not declare martial law, nor use conditions of emergency to deprive the people of their constitutional rights.
  9. Right to Privacy. The government shall not compel the private sector to produce devices that track or eavesdrop on the people. The Federal government shall continue to produce paper currency with no means of tracking transactions. The government shall make no law that requires routine tracking of financial transactions.
  10. Right to One’s Own Body. Each individual, as the owner of his or her own body, has the right to alter that body by any chemical, surgical or other physical means. The government shall neither prevent nor require any alteration.